Wednesday, 9 November 2011

[BLOG] Shopping Break

I need to stop spending for my future's sake. Right now, every time there is a sale and I feel like taking advantage of it by buying unnecessary things. I often try to reason with myself. It has worked out so far with cosmetics. Now I have to do that with clothes.

I have so many products to finish. Right now, I'm worried about lip and liquid and cream face products. I can't take the risk of letting them expire and become useless to me.. I go through lipstick phases where I'll use a few lipsticks so much that a big chunk of them will be gone but not completely. We'll see how I do this Christmas.

Currently, I'm aiming to finish this Avon lipstick which has this lip balm texture to it. The pigment is sheer and it feels so soft, creamy and sweet on the lips. It never feels heavy no matter how many times I reapply or layer it on. I love it. I'm also hoping to go through my No. 7 mousse foundation. I'm going to do a review of that because this is one of my favourite foundations. :D


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