Tuesday, 8 November 2011

[REVIEW] Mario Badescu Products

This review is based on the samples I received. I made my boyfriend and my brother sign up for them too so I can receive more amount of the same products as well. Also, my brother made a purchase later on and with each purchase, you receive 3 more samples.  If you want your free samples, simply go to their website, sign up, do the skin type quiz and in a day or two, you will receive an email offering you sample-sized products which are absolutely free.


1. Orange Cleansing Soap

This is a facial cleanser with a creamy lotion-like texture to it. It does not bubble up when lathered on the face and because of that, it actually is very gentle. However, I didn't feel like my face was getting thoroughly cleansed since I am so used to more abrasive and very refreshing cleansers. It smelled refreshing and true to its name like oranges which I wasn't a big fan of. If you're somebody who doesn't really use makeup or barely uses it with sensitive and dry skin, I recommend this. Also, some people might have a problem with the fact that it contains propylparaben and urea.

2. Cucumber Cleansing Lotion
When I received my samples, this is one of the products that finished too soon for me (despite having 2 sample bottles). This is a cucumber astringent which means that unlike a toner, it contains alcohol. It smells more like alcohol than cucumber in my opinion. Despite the fact that it contains alcohol, it isn't drying at all. It feels very refreshing and soothing. However, it dries quickly when placed in a cotton ball so it needs to be applied right away. Because of this, sometimes, you have too put a lot more than you should in the cotton pad. Thus using up the product a lot more. I recommend this for people with oily skin.

3. Flower & Tonic Mask
I love this product! I will repurchase when I run out of it. I don't really know how to describe this but I love how my skin feels after I wash it off. It has a distinct smell that I cannot describe. Some people say it smells flowery but I disagree. It's not exactly pleasant but not exactly terrible either. My skin doesn't feel stripped of moisture when I use this. It feels clean, moisturized and refreshed. Sometimes, I don't even need moisturizer after using this.

4. Collagen Moisturizer
This moisturizer is decent. It's very light yet moisturizing and the moisture does last without making you oily. It's not exactly special or anything to me to fork $22 on. It has a light scent that is barely there. It also contains propylparaben and alcohol. The collagen is an added bonus. I don't recommend this because I feel like there are better moisturizers for better prices without the harmful ingredients..

5. Ceramide Eye Gel
This is a moisturizing and refreshing eye gel that you can put in the refrigerator to boost its cooling effect. It's very lightweight as well. This is the product that has lasted me the most since I only need a little bit. However, it feels like it doesn't get absorbed in my skin and it just sits on top of it. In addition, this also contains propylparaben.. I just wished it did more for me. Not recommended for anybody.

6. Drying Cream
I'll be very frank with this product. I hate this. I have never encountered a product that has made my skin worse. I have no idea if it was because of the way I applied it or whatever but I gave this product many tries and that maybe, it would get worse before it got better but it didn't. My very few and mild breakouts turned cystic. I usually get whiteheads that go away for a few days but when I was using this, cystic pimples started surfacing. Even my actual small zits became bigger. This didn't make it better in any way possible. The redness was there. The size got bigger instead of smaller. The smell is terrible because it is sulfur. I have no idea if I am just allergic to sulfur but I am scared of it. Some people might have better luck with this product. Also, I highly suggest using a clean cotton bud to apply it to prevent contamination. Don't confuse this with their popular Drying Lotion which I haven't tried. I do not recommend this at all due to my personal reaction to it.

7. A.H.A. & Ceramide Moisturizer
Like I said about the other moisturizer, this isn't anything special and I doubt I am getting the AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) benefits of it because BHA (beta hydroxy acids) need to be in the right pH to work. It does feel refreshing on the face but it isn't as moisturizing as the Collagen Moisturizer. It contains alcohol and both methylparaben and propylparaben.


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